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Job-Net is a reporting service for research personnel with daily publications and allowing participation to anyone who requests it and without any limits. Job-Net is comparable to a newspaper that is sent to all subscribers directly in their inbox, free of charge. The good thing for those seeking personnel is that we have more than 62.000 people seeking employment or to improve the current one. In most cases the high profile people that are largely from the areas of technology. In essence Job-Net alerts candidates of all these new positions available, and publicizes on the web for those who are not subscribers but use the Internet for their job search. The research staff published on the web are exposed for a month, to add greater visibility to the already huge e-mail distribution power.

What is the purpose of Job-Net?
Job-Net offers its resources to promote the dissemination of information in a social area where the global network can be very helpful to improve our professional opportunities. With this list we hope to increase the dissemination of information in the professional field and help build a mentality more focused on the promotion of himself and of his ability in the difficult task of finding a job.

Who sends the offers to Job-Net?
Any type of private company using our service. Recruitment agencies but also different companies can post their ads to all the members.

How do I send offers to Job-Net?
You have to go under 'SEND OFFERS'

How do I receive the news?
You must go to 'HOME' and enter your email

How do I delete from the service?
You must follow the directions given in each issue of the newsletter you receive.

How do I communicate with the maintainer of the list?
If you have suggestions, criticisms, doubts just write to:infojob-net.it

We ask all members to the list to give the widest possible dissemination of its existence, especially to businesses; when possible, please make links to this home page on the sites of your own production.
The effectiveness of this list depends solely on its level of diffusion.

W A R N I N G:

The ads sent to us are posted as they are to the list. We don't verify their truthness nor the exactness. Our role is solely to publicize the ads beeing in the Internet or sent to us. So we don't take any responsability regarding the content or the ads seriousness. Nevertheless, we constantly analyze the seeming seriousness.

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