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Most frequently asked questions

We recommend you read this document before you ask your questions to:


Q- I want to know how to send my CV to Job-Net.
A- In our mailing list you can not send your resume for traffic reasons. Job-Net publishes personnel researches but does not keep a file of CVs.
Job seekers must signal their availability to the company when they see a position that is interesting to them. This is a guarantee of the candidate's genuine interest in your company and vice versa.

Q- How do I unsubscribe from the service ?
A- In each newsletter you get in email is shown the procedure for cancellation.
You must send a blank message to an address indicated in the news you receive.

Q- What happens if I change my address ?
A- In this case you can just delete following the directions above and then sign up with the new address.

Q- What is the procedure for sending staff researches ?
A- First of all it is necessary to go under 'ENTER OFFERS' and register by entering a functioning email address wich could be immediately checked. At this address the system sends a password.
Then it is necessary to go under 'Login' and enter the username and password you received via email.

Q- May I send offers for Multi-Level Marketing, card services, or vague ads?
A- No. The job ads must not relate to pyramidal sales mechanisms, and still must be sufficiently detailed to allow an assessment.

D- Do you check the truth of the job ads?
R- Yes. We do check them regularly. Anyway, sometimes we have doubts, and sometimes we prefer to post them not to delete a true ad.
On the Internet there are some frauds based on various mechanisms, and job offers are one of them. Here are some specialized sources:
SCAM: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scam
Nigerian scam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigerian_scam
Job Scam: http://www.oil-offshore-marine.com/bewarejobscams.php
Augmented check: http://www.consigliando.it

Q- Why most jobs are in the computer industry?
A- This is a limitation of the Internet. Most users are computers entusiasts, so it is understandable that the major companies using this medium are those related to information technology industry.

Q- I would like to receive only offers for biologists in Igea Marina.
A- Unfortunately we can not make such a subdivision, for various reasons including technical ones.

Q- I have lost the latest bulletins. Would send them to me again please?
A- We do not keep an archive of publications because they would be too many and because, anyway, they can be also consulted on the web at our website.
At the address : http://www.job-net.it/pg/offerte.job-net
you can see the posts publicized in the last 30 days.

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